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About Us - who we are and what we do
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Our aim is to provide a design service that works seamlessly with your business and provides exactly what you need, when you need it, and how you like it. We want our clients to feel they can call on us for any job, no matter how large or small, and recieve honest advice on suitability, fair pricing, and a unique, quality product. We want to be like "your in house design team" - except we don't live in your house (or office!), so you don't have to make us tea, or buy us a desk. But getting hold of us should be as easy as getting hold of a colleague - simply send an email straight to your designer, and they'll get right back to you.


Our Extra Services
We can take all of the work out of maintaining a great web presence, advertising in the paper, anything. If you need it, we offer a fully managed graphics service - we can take care of managing and updating your website, speaking to publishers, sending artwork to print... So the rest of your staff can get on with running your business on the ground, while we look after our side of things. Alternatively, we'll wrap your finished design up in shiny paper and ribbons* and sent it over so you can do the rest. Whatever works best for you.
(*note - ribbons and shiny paper not guaranteed...)


Our Designers
Our main Designer is Roxy. This is who handles most of your design, from speaking to you about your requirements right through to presenting you with the final outcome. She has studied Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration, and has worked successfully with independent, local businesses to produce products including logos, websites, business cards, and newspaper advertising to suit their specific needs. She has previously worked in the Retail, catering and Services industries, and so understands the particular and unique demands of each area.

"When you contact us about a project, I'll get in touch by phone or email to talk through some ideas, and see how you want the design to work for your business. I'll keep in touch throughout the design process with work-in-progress designs, and should you want to modify, suggest or add anything as we go along, you can contact me directly at any point. I'm also happy to advise if you are unsure if a product would benefit you and your business, so don't hesitate to contact us just for a chat!"

We also work with other relevant experts in specialist areas depending on the specific needs of each client. Your designer will organise and co-ordinate all of these aspects, so you won't have to speak to each person individually unless you wish to do so.


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