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Paper and Web-Based Advertising.  Wherever you choose to advertise, it's worth making the best impression you can.  A great advert is what encourages people to come and visit, and our adverts can be modified and used again and again.

Make the most of your Advertising

If there's one thing that we all know, it's that advertising can be expensive.  But it can also be very effective - if you get it right.  So what's the point of buying a lovely spot, for example in your local paper, if you've got nothing to put there?  "Never fear", cries the salesman - "we'll make you an advert!" - just as soon as someone has five minutes spare to throw something together before the deadline. 

If you're forking out for advertising space, there really is no sense in skimping on the advert itself - that's the bit your customers are going to see, after all.  True, sometimes you can get one made for just a little extra when you place your advert, but in the limited time available, is it really going to be exactly what you need? 

When we design an advert, it's something made just for you, and you can use it again and again and again.  So you don't need to fork out afresh for the design each time you want to run an advert.  And even if you think things might need shaking up and updating for a new season, event or promotion, we can do that too, and only charge for the changes, not a whole new advert.  We can also offer discounts on a "set" of advertising - if you wanted us to produce a range of different sizes, or adverts for different purposes or locations.

What's involved?

First of all, once we've discussed with you what size and type of advert you're going for, and any ideas you have for what should be included, we'll produce a first draft for you to look at.  You can then tell us if you want us to change anything, and we'll do that and send it to you again for you to look at before we send it to be printed.  Once you've given it the ok, or we've made any further changes you need, we'll send it straight on over to the publisher.

Usually, when you buy advertising space, there will be certain specifications the publisher gives.  If you have these to hand, just pass them on to us, but if not, just give us the contact details for the publisher or salesperson and it's no trouble for us to find those out.

Alternatively, if you haven't chosen advertising space yet but just want to have something on hand for when you do, we can produce an advert that should fit most standard spaces.  Bear in mind though, that sometimes some minor alterations will be necessary - sometimes you may be able to make these yourself, or we can do this for you.  These kind of changes are covered by our re-running fee, and we will also take care of getting your advert sent to the publisher.

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