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  Q) We'd like to have a logo, advert, or another product designed, but once we receive the designs we won't have anyone with the time or expertise to send the designs to publishers and printers. Can you help with this?

  Q) Can you, as well as building my website, arrange the hosting and running of it?

 Q) I just want to talk.. Will you talk to me?

 Q) Do I need to know or give any technical details when I speak to you about web design or other products?

 Q) What if I don't like any of the initial designs?

 Q) Why are most of the prices shown "approximate"?

 Q) Some other Graphic Design Websites have an "online quote generator" for things like website design- why do you not have one?

 Q) How and when do I pay, and is it safe?

 Q) Are your prices flexible?

 Q) Can I request changes to designs, and do you charge to make these?

 Q) What costs are included in the prices you give, and are there any extra costs?

 Q) When will my design/product be published or sent to me?

  Who owns the design?  (copyright, modifications etc)

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