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Logo Design - if your business had a face, this would be it...
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When people visualise a company, it's probably the logo they're seeing. A logo is a simple, recognisable image used to represent you and your company wherever you go. Logos can appear on everything from business cards to t-shirts.


Logo Design from RandomWeasel Designs
Before we start, we make sure to learn a bit about your business, and find out what kind of thing you'd like. You then get a selection of ideas to choose from, which we can combine and modify to your tastes. We'll try out a range of colours and styles until you're happy.
This means your logo will be genuinely personal and perfectly suited to your business. We don't use ready-made templates, or re-use old designs, so you can be sure that your logo will really stand out.

RandomWeaselDesigns logoTake a look at our Gallery for some examples of our work

We'll send you your finished logo in a range of sizes and formats suitable for various uses. We can also keep a copy if you'd like us to send your logo to publishers/printers on your behalf.

We can design a logo from scratch* for around £170.
*If you already have a good idea of what you want, we may be able to do it for less, as you probably won't need to try out so many different ideas!

If you're getting a new logo, it might be worth getting some other bits and pieces to match, like business cards and headed paper. We even offer a special discount if you order multiple products! See our Corporate Image Bundles.


The Logo Design Process
  • Get in touch - let us know what you're looking for, and our designer will get right back to you
  • Initial consulation- we'll speak to you and find out about your business, and any ideas you have.
  • Detailed breakdown and personal quote sent by email
  • Initial Designs - we'll produce a range of ideas for you to look at, and pick your favourites
  • Development - usually 3-4 stages of modifications to perfect the design
  • Colour Studies - trying out a few different colour combos
  • The Finished Logo - we'll send it over, and you can get on with using it wherever you like!
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