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Website Design - Having a good web presence is massively important, and is only set to become more so.  Where a good webpage helps create a great first impression and encourages people to visit or contact your business, a poorly designed webpage could actually put people off!

Many businesses or organisations, particularly small independents, struggle to find the time or resources to set up a web site, meaning they may be practically invisible to a large proportion of their target market, as people increasingly use the internet as their sole means of finding a business product or service. 

Alternatively, some businesses end up with a poorly-designed page thrown together as an "extra" by a big company with very little regard for what was actually needed or wanted.  If your web page or site does not represent you well, customers will often move on without a second glance.

What about us?

Our aim is to produce websites that are exactly what you want and need, no matter how large or small you are. We can produce anything from a simple, one page site to just help people find you, to a multi page site full of great information about you, or even an e-commerce store to let people shop with you online!  We can also take care of setting up things like a google maps account, a blog, a facebook fan page/group...

Even if you're not really sure what kind of thing you want, please get in touch and have a chat with us - we might be able to give you some ideas! 

We also understand that not everyone has an unlimited amount of money to spend - so if you've got a budget in mind, or even just a rough idea, speak to us and we'll see what we can do.  We are very flexible, so we will work out a price based on what you want, rather than a vague, arbitrary value, and our prices are competitive.  As an example, a simple, individually tailored, single page website could cost from around 100 - but the price depends on what you ask for.  To get a rough idea of some prices, take a look at our pricing guide, or go to the next page for more detail.

FAQ: Some other Graphic Design Websites have an "online quote generator" for things like website design- why do you not have one?

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