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Keeping up-to-date

It is important that your website always contains the newest, most up-to-date information, and that any news, special offers, or important announcements can be added as and when you need them. There are three main options for keeping your website updated:

1) Self-managed- After building your website, we simply hand all the files over to you. You are then free to set up your own hosting, domain name, and take charge of making changes as and when you like. This is a good option if you have someone who has some experience with running websites and the time to set up hosting online and update pages when necessary.
You pay us
: To design and build your website
You also pay: To purchase a domain name, for a web hosting service, and for any other services you require eg email.

2) Managed Setup - We will arrange hosting for your site, buy you a domain name, and get the site set up and running online for you. We can also arrange things like professional email addresses - for example, info@yourdomain.com - you can have as many of these as you like, and they can be set to deliver mail to your existing email address, so you don't have to check any extra accounts. Hosting for your website would cost about 3 - 4 per month, and includes phone and live online support from your host as well as many other features.
Once we have set this up for you, we will transfer all the website files and login details for your hosting account over to you. You are then free to make any changes and updates as and when you like - if you want a way to be able to quickly and easily make regular updates yourself, we can make sure to build this into the design of the website for you. This is a good option for anyone who doesn't have the time or experience to carry out the initial setup, or who wants to take advantage of the extra features such as email accounts, automated backups and support. At the same time it allows you to take charge of updates and running the website yourself.
You pay us
: To Design and build your website, a one-off setup fee
You also pay: About 3-4 per month for web hosting

3) Fully managed - With all the benefits of a managed setup, but we will build and run every aspect of your website - all you have to do is let us know when you want an update.
This is a good option for anyone who doesn't have the time and/or skills to manage and update a website themselves, or would prefer the convenience of having everything taken care of for them. Simply drop us an email or give us a ring anytime you need something updating! We should be able to make most changes within a day or two.

You pay us
: To Design and Build your website, a monthly fee for hosting and updates (costs depending on frequency and size of updates)
OR a monthly fee for hosting and a small charge per update - useful if you need updates fairly infrequently.

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